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Welcome to MBICT

MBICT is a Web & Mobile App Development Company with decades of experience in steering clients through digital transformation. We offer deep industry expertise and follow a collaborative approach to deliver high-performance technology solutions. We drive continuous improvement for clients through knowledge transfer from our innovation ecosystem.

MBICT combines technical expertise with in-depth customer understanding to provide highly differentiated technology solutions that are end-to-end, holistic and digitally transformed.

Founded in 2010, MBICT has a direct presence in South Africa. In addition, the company’s strategic partnerships with leading international technology companies gives it access to leading technology capabilities and products from across the world.

Most of the company’s revenue and headcount is derived from the local market in South Africa, where MBICT is headquartered. The company’s primary focus is in providing innovative solutions, across a range of verticals, that have a meaningful impact on society by addressing challenges facing communities in South Africa, the continent and beyond, while delivering shared value for all its stakeholders.

MBICT develop IT Solutions for all Businesses

We pride ourselves on providing highly qualified IT Services including Graphic Designs 

Web Design

 It’s Excellent Value For Money

Investing in a website design through our company is a cost-effective digital marketing strategy for your business. There are few solutions that can boast the kind of target market and reach a website can provide. Not only do you get online and access to a load of possible leads but creating a website with our company is also extremely affordable. Our online quotation provides the ability to tailor your website design based on your budget. 

Mobile Design

For any modern business, an impressive mobile app is no longer optional. Thriving brands understand that their website forms the groundwork for their digital marketing strategy; that it is a requisite component for their online presence. But it’s not just a fantastic website you need – you need an extension of what your business is all about and operate online 24/7

Web Design

For any modern business, an impressive website is no longer optional. Thriving brands understand that their website forms the groundwork for their digital marketing strategy; that it is a requisite component for their online presence. But it’s not just a fantastic website you need – you need an extension of what your business is all about and have your business open 24/7


The objective of digital marketing is to get your business, company , entity brand visible and attract potential customers by utilising the power of online-based digital platforms like Google. What you need is for these platforms to recognise your brand as a powerful influencer and your website as an authority when it comes to your specific industry, products, and services

Customer Service

MBICT adopts a one-on-one approach. We keep you in the loop throughout the process. Above all, keeping our customers happy is of utmost importance to us.

Web Design Principles

MBICT strives towards honest and transparent communication with our valued customers. In addition, we try to keep things simple and set realistic expectations.

We Keep Informed

The nature of digital agency work leaves us with information at our fingertips. Subsequently, we channel this information (and our consistent research) into informed digital marketing solutions for you.
Cloud Technologies

MBICT offers expertise in Cloud Technologies such as
Google Cloud Services, IBM Cloud, Azure Cloud, Amazon Web Services, for reliable, scalable, and cost-effective cloud computing services. Our Google Cloud and AWS expertise allows us to provide the flexibility to launch applications irrespective of your industry or magnitude of business


When it comes to your availability online, offering your customers an easy way to purchase your product online can be an invaluable way to set your business apart from the rest. E-Commerce website design can be highly valuable and rewarding for your business when utilised correctly. So, make sure that the place where customers are finding out more about you and purchasing your product, represents your company in a professional manner.

Hosting & Support

Every website should undergo routine website maintenance! With out it, a site is more vulnerable to security threats, more likely to break and more likely to cause you a massive (and expensive) headache.Having website maintenance will give you peace of mind. Some of our packages even come with retainer hours. This means you can ask us to make aesthetic changes to your site too! We offer website maintenance to all sites

Digital Marketing Services

Increasing Your Conversions

When it comes to online marketing, different platforms serve different purposes. From getting clicks to your website to managing relationships with customers. We are experts in using these platforms to your digital marketing advantage. Firstly, Google Ads is all about getting direct clicks through to your website using Google Ads. Secondly, social media is a great tool to build your brand awareness and build a community of followers. And thirdly, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) looks at your organic search results. Although SEO is a long-term investment that takes time to achieve, it will be worth the investment. Not sure which one will work for your business? Get in touch with our digital agency. Brief us on your requirements. We will put together a strategy personalised for your brand.

Web Design Keywords

Special attention was given to choosing Web Design as our main keyword for our home page. We wanted to target two aspects of our core target market. Firstly, we are targeting its users typing Web Design into their search engines. The keyword is commonly used when people are browsing for ‘web design’, ‘website design’ or ‘digital agency’ in their search engine. However we didn’t want to neglect our local target market. So we added the word Johannesburg into the mix . The result is Web Design Johannesburg, a multi-purpose keyword that helps us direct our website to the correct audience. Web Design seems to be working very well for our homepage. Let us optimise your website for search engines, just like we did here. Feel free to contact us directly or navigate to our pricing page to check out our website design and digital marketing solutions.

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