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Mbvelo IT Consulting.
We provide IT services to companies around the world.

Web & Email Hosting

Do you need Email, Web, Mobile or Application Hosting , We also host top range systems and low maintenance sites built on open source software like wordpress, drupal, joomla, etc

Mobile Design

Your Mobile app is your tool for better communication with your followers, making it easier for them to keep up to date, shop, book appointments and more.

Web Design

We develop beautiful, responsive websites and mobile sites, focusing on design, content, usability, and simplicity.

Custom Development

Our code process is robust and carefully tested to ensure quality responsiveness and functionality across multiple browsers and devices.


We can design and develop your online shop, and have the experience to guide you with regards to using online tools to boost online sales, as well as best practice when it comes to preventing cart abandonment.

General Services

Design experience mean that, whatever your brand, we’ll work with you to ensure that it looks beautiful online.We do whatever we can with copy and code to ensure that your site appears as close to the top of search engine.

What Else We Can Do For You

We offer many solutions but know that not everything, although equally valuable, will be the right solution for your organization, That’s because each business is unique with its own vision and set of goals

  • Legal Administration Systems
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Database Management Systems
  • Integration Management & Development
  • School / Learner Systems
  • Government Administration Systems
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