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Push Notifications

Send out Push Notifications to your customers & stay connected

Communication is key and the best way to communicate with your customers is push notifications. Our online app creation software lets you send push notifications.

Add Navigation

Add Navigation and give step by step directions

If you are looking to guide your customers to your store, then add the Navigation feature to your app. Our application maker lets you add navigation feature to your mobile app so that your customers can reach you easily!

Integrate Social Media for easy sharing & login

The best marketing channel today is social media and businesses need an app that is shareable? Integrate social media feature to make your app shareable, and let users login without registering manually.

Make your app multilingual & break language barriers

If you want to get customers from all across the globe, language becomes a barrier, restricting you only to the people who speak the language your app is in. To avoid this, when you make your app with AppBuldIt, you can add the multilingual feature to help you localize your app and expand your reach all over the world.

Paypal for Payments

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Some Preloaded Templates

  • Chat App 
  • Conference App
  • Events App
  • News App
  • Night Club App
  • Radio App
  • Recipe App
  • Restaurant App
  • Shop App
  • Shopify App
  • Ticket scanner App

No code app maker that lets anyone build Android & iPhone apps in 3 easy steps.

Learn how to make mobile apps

This tutorial will guide you on how to make apps in our app builder.

How to make an App with App Build IT

App design

By clicking on the Design, there you can set up your app design. You can setup the design of the whole app, so you can make changes into :

  • General – here you can change the color of the app, add a background image, button color, button text and etc.
  • Navigation bar – set up the design of the navigation bar like background color, border color and etc.
  • List design – set up the list design
  • Side menu colors – choose the color for your side menu

App Settings

By clicking on the App settings, will bring you to your App settings and there you have options to preview the individual settings you want. Click on the sub menu below and change the option you want.


From here you can manage and change all Login settings.

Login settings include this options [Facebook, FacebookLogin, GoogleAndroidId, GoogleIOSid, GoogleLogin, WelcomeText]

Set up facebook login

First, you should make your facebook app id.

  • create your facebook app.
  • When the app is created then go to settings and scroll to the bottom, now you will see add platform button. Just add iOS and Android.
  • For iOS in the BundleID just add host.exp.Exponent, look at the picture below.

Set up Google login

First, you should make your google ids.

  • Get an app set up on the Google Developer Console
  • Go to the Credentials Page
  • Create an app for your project if you haven’t already.
  • Once that’s done, click “Create Credentials” and then “OAuth client ID.” You will be prompted to set the product name on the consent screen, go ahead and do that.

Create an iOS OAuth Client ID

  • Select “iOS Application” as the Application Type. Give it a name if you want (e.g. “iOS Development”).
  • Use host.exp.exponent as the bundle identifier.
  • Click “Create”
  • You will now see a modal with the client ID.

Create an Android OAuth Client ID

  • Select “Android Application” as the Application Type. Give it a name if you want (maybe “Android Development”).
  • Run openssl rand -base64 32 | openssl sha1 -c in your terminal, it will output a string that looks like A1:B2:C3 but longer. Copy the output to your clipboard.
  • Paste the output from the previous step into the “Signing-certificate fingerprint” text field.
  • Use host.exp.exponent as the “Package name”.
  • Click “Create”
  • You will now see a modal with the Client ID.

And * Now you have googleIOSId and googleAndroidID set them to App Build IT in the fields named googleIOSId and googleAndroidID.


From here you can manage and change all Order settings.

Order settings include this options [SendEmailOnOrder, SendToEmail]



From here you can manage and change all Add settings.

Ads settings include this options [BannerID, InterstitialID, IsTesting, ShowBannerAds, ShowinterstitialAds]

On this link you can create your banner and interstitial ads. When you will have the ids please set them to the BannerId and InterstitialId.



From here you can manage and change all PayPal payment settings.

PayPal payment settings include this options [AcceptPayments, Cancel url, City, Clientid, Country code, Currency, IncludeShippingInfo, Postal code, Return url, SandBoxMode, SecretKey, State]

Create a Paypal account

On this link to create your PayPal account. And there create Paypal Merchant Account. After creating the account you should set up the fields in App Build IT.


Create apps in the AppBuildIT

Soon as you log in, and have subscribed to a plan, you will be able to make a new app.


After opening the screen for creating app, for now, you can choose between 12 templates, but stay tuned, new templates are coming soon. Templates have already created an app with the basic sections (ex: Conference template contains: agenda, the location where the conference is, buy a tickets section, social and etc). You can add or delete a section, it’s up to your needs.


Next, you have to choose a layout. For now, there are two layouts (tabs and side). But very soon grid layout will be included.


In the end, you should enter the app name and app id in the fields like in the picture below.


Manage the app

By clicking on the app, will bring you to your App setup and there you have options to preview your sections, add new sections and change the basics like changing the app images, name, package id.


If you want to change the order of how the section is listed you can do that by drag and drop the section like in the picture below.

Add section

By clicking on Add section you can add the additional section that you need. You have 2 options of sections

  • Master-detail views – events, shop, food menu, recipe, gallery, radio and general ( the one that you want to customize according to your needs).
  • Specific views – folder section, cart, orders, user profile, user list, map, notifications, scanner, web view, links list.

When you click on the section it should appear an alert that says that new section in successfully added, just like at the picture below.


Section settings

By clicking on the gear icon in the section, this is the settings icon, it will open a completely new view where you can select different setup for this menu. Look at the picture below.


When you click on the icon it should open a view like this one in the picture below.


Here you can change:

  • Basic setup:
  • icon
  • show category
  • is this menu root
  • list style
  • name of the menu
  • section
  • Categories setup
  • Listing setup
  • Details setup

Section content

Master-detail views – events, shop, food menu, recipe, gallery, radio and general all have the option to display different content. You can access and manage this content from the “Database” icon on each section.


By clicking on the icon, a new window will appear, where you can add your content.


Clicking on the “Folder” icon will open the categories screen for that section.


By clicking on the icon, a new window will appear, where you can add your categories.

Shopify App

In order to sync with your Shopify site, just add the link to your shop


Radio App Setup

In this section, we explain the common things you can do to a certain component/template.

Startup Item / Use case – Radio App

In the radio app, there are two mods.

  1. Multi-radio station
  2. Single radio station

In the case of the 2, where you have a single radio station it is common that you want the app to start playing soon as user open the app. So the idea will be to directly go in that radio details page.

And yes, this is possible but requires small manual work.

You should already have added a radio station, you have learned that in “Section content”.


At the top, in the address bar, you will notice a radio station ID number


Copy that number.

Now go to Setting of the radio station.


There you will see “ObjectIdToShow”

Enter the copied number there. Now your station will start directly.

Note that this can be applied to every section. you can manually add the objectIdToShow key.


Publish iOS App

Building your iPhone app. 

Soon as you have your app.json file in place and you have installer expo cli, you are able to proceed with making your iPhone app.

But first, you will need to have iOS Developer Account. This will cost you 99$ / year. You pay directly to Apple.

You can register iOS Developer Account here.

To make your iPhone app run

expo bi –no-publish

The console will ask you for your username/password.

Here are docs by Expo.

Follow the onscreen instruction.

In the end, an IPA file will be produced. This is the app file you will be able to upload on App Store Connect.

Publishing app on App Store Connect

In the previous step, you have produced the IPA file. This file needs to be uploaded on App Store Connect.

There is one problem. You will need a MAC computer in order to submit the ipa file.

Option 1- You own a MAC computer

Great, then all you have to do is run the following command

expo ui

Then expo will upload your ipa in Test Flight. And from there you can publish your app,

Option 2 – I don’t own a MAC computer.

Then we will suggest this.

You will be able to run a mac in remote, for low as 1$/hour.

Then you can either use application called “Application Loader” to upload your IPA or run the command

expo ui

Then expo will upload your ipa in Test Flight. And from there you can publish your app.

Submit app for creation

To submit your app to be compiled, click on the “Submit App”


Click on the Submit App button

Our automated process will compile, and build your mobile app in a few minutes – usually 10-20.

We will send you a link that contains a .aab file. This is new version of apk file. It will be around 50MB. But when uploaded on your Google Play Developer console, Google will shrink to 16-20MB.

For iPhone app. We will need some extra things from your side. Head over to iPhone


Send us email with info on how we can proceed.

What we will do, is we will compile and make your app. But we will need you to provide us with your Apple Developer Account credentials ( 99$/y ) so we can upload your iPhone app. There is option also to upload the app on ours Apple Dev Account. So Pls emails us with your requirements.

Updating your app

We have live updates together with EXPO OTA (Over The Air ) updates.

So. you will need to submit a new build only if you have a new App name. App Icon or App Splash.

Everything else is manageable from our panel.

To submit a new version – change app name, icon or splash. Go in the Submit screen and submit the app for compiling once again..

Preview your app

Preview the app in Browser

If you go to preview, you will see a iPhone in the browser, and Unique ID number.

Enter this Unique ID in the app, and you will be able to preview your app directly in browser.




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