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Agriculture Inspection App

Agriculture Inspection App

This app lets the user collect images, notes, and GPS locations while in the field. The app automatically collects the date, time, and GPS location when a new record is added. The app also lets the user take up to two images for each record and type in notes. All information is captured in a form which is divided into four section/pages—Inspector, Farm Details, Inspection Details, and Signature. Users can easily navigate the form by tapping Prev/Next tabs, clicking on section names or the navigation arrows. The three main views are: –Inspections is a view of all inspections. It gives you a bird’s-eye view of who made the inspections and whether a crop requires a follow-up.

Users can edit or delete an inspection, or add a new one. View content can be restricted to certain users by using security filters. –Map is a view of the inspected farms. New GPS locations may be added from here. –Inspectors is a list of all inspectors. The detailed view provides information about all inspections a certain inspector has made. New inspectors may be added here or an inspector may choose their profile and add a new inspection in the related inspections section.

The menu has views for farm locations and follow-ups requiring actions.

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