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Jobcard App

Jobcard App Password:sabc@123

Login Page. Allows only those registered by the assigned personnel through Firebase console to gain access to the app. Requires an email and Password.

Each type of trade has an icon at the bottom navigation bar which allows for navigation as shown in the first picture above. There also exist a side navigation bar that also allows for navigation of the different services and logging- out as shown on the second picture above.

Double tap of the date and time fields opens a date picker and time picker respectively.

Double tap of the signature fields opens a signature pad to sign on and upon clicking SUBMIT SIGNATURE inserts the signature to the field and is also saved offline.

After filling the entire form and clicking submit, wait until the message on the second picture appears to continue. When it is done a pdf is created and stored offline on the files of your phone with the Job type and Name of the client format as shown on the third picture. The pdf is also stored on the firebase console which can be accessed by the manager

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